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“Work experience” covers a very broad category of activities. It covers all full-time work, part-time work, contact work, temporary work, internship work, and volunteer work. It also covers self-employment of any kind, even odd jobs. The gold is sometimes not so much in what you’ve done but how you are able to present what you’ve done. Keep this in mind.

Work Experience Resume Order of Presentation

How to turn your work experience into resume experience to impress employers.

Writing a work experience resume isn’t always a straightforward process. There are several hidden pitfalls to writing this kind of resume! This is because most people don’t have straightforward work histories.

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If you’re just graduating from high school or college, a work experience resume will be a challenge to create.

Writing the work experience resume is far easier if you are willing to perform a few simple organizational tasks before you get started. Start by listing each of your previous positions by job title, company, location, and dates. Then, note the jobs where you have accomplished the most or have had the most responsibility. Finally, list out each of the jobs you will be applying for. Often, you will need a separate resume for each position. It may be helpful to categorize your job experience for each position, as well. Some jobs may be fully relevant, some may only have transferrable skills, some may fill gaps in your work history but be irrelevant, and some may serve no useful purpose at all. Having all of this information written out and sorted beforehand can be a great help in writing the actual resume.

What Counts as Work Experience?