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I encountered a fairly annoying problem with my new netbook today (an Acer Aspire One D250 that I upgraded to Windows 7 over the weekend). I left the system running on battery last night, so it automatically hibernated. When I recharged it and powered it back up this evening, the keyboard would not respond on the Windows Resume Loader screen. This posed a problem, as there was no way to get the machine to return to Windows. A quick search yielded a number of other people who have encountered this problem, but not many fixes. Plugging in a PS/2 keyboard was the usual solution given, but as it’s a netbook, there’s no PS/2 port. Connecting a USB keyboard might have worked, but I didn’t have one handy.

 after sleep mode

I recently got a Windows Resume Loader error when booting up my PC, it specifically request me to hit enter. So I plug an PS/2 keyboard and it doesn't work. So I tried another PS/2 keyboard, and it doesn't work either. In fact, when the computer starts, I can make a choice of either going in the bios or the boot sequence and it works. But once I get in those menu, I can no longer do anything. Funny fact is that, for example, in the BIOS, I can't move but when I press F10 to save and quit, the screen flickers as if it did process the key but nothing happened. I have tried resetting CMOS, and removing the battery and unplugging the cord at the same time without any changes.

| Subject: windows resume loader?? What is it and what do i do?

after sleep mode "windows resume loader" appears on black screen and the

Having said that, I am kind of screwed cause I can't pass the Windows Resume Loader screen without hitting 'enter'. And neither my 2 PS/2 or USB Keyboard works. Well, they seems to work, as I said (furthermore, if I let 'enter' pushed down as windows starts it makes repetitive "beep" as it would if it were working fine).

I have an EliteBook 8560w with a Windows 7 operating system. I purchased it in August of this year. Today, after turning on the computer, the computer shut off and restarted before loading completely. After logging back on (my computer is password protected) it took me to a "Windows resume loader" screen. The screen read: "The last attempt to resume the system from it's previous location failed. Attempt to resume again?" I am then given two options:ok so after turning it on after a while it got stuck on the windows resume loader, how ever i can choose an option with the keys but i cant select it using enter. So like basically it seems all keys work except for the enter...as i can choose either ' continue with system resume or delete restoration data and proceed to system boot menu' using the arrow keys but cant select them