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Forever, we have said that volunteering looks great on a resume. Mainly, it shows such characteristics as: an interest in community, responsibility and dependability, ability to work within organizational culture, and interest in others. If the project to which the person contributed as a volunteer is skill-related, that activity can demonstrate a variety of employable experiences, including leadership, communication, planning, and other related project management skills, plus specific things such as marketing, teaching, Web design, etc. However, volunteering can also be very general, low-level, and totally unconnected to the job market, particularly if people mainly do one-day service events. Nevertheless, putting volunteer work on a resume impresses university admissions officers and possibly employers, more because it speaks to the character of the applicant than his or her concrete skills.

How to Showcase Volunteer Work on a Resume

One of the biggest benefits of community service is how it can bulk up a young person’s resume. Younger job seekers often have less experience in the working world than their competition, putting them at a disadvantage. However, when employers see volunteer work on a resume, it shows that the individual is not only committed to helping others, but has the types of skills and qualities desired in an employee. Community service means hard work, responsibility and a willingness to improve oneself, all highly attractive attributes to employers.

Temp and volunteer work on a resume

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Volunteering is a great way for students to try one or several fields of social work, before committing to a full-time position, and for current social workers to gain extra experience and perspective. Volunteer work on a resume for jobs or M.S.W. programs demonstrates not only the practical experience acquired, but also a commitment to social work as a career. Look into a volunteer opportunity in your community that interests you today and reinforce your passion for social work.