Financial Analyst Visual Resume

PHP resume template
Simple php page that manages your html visual resume. Also protects your email address and a print version is available.

Switch to a Visual Resume to showcase your best and gain a competitive edge

Like other sites, this resume-building service extracts data from your existing resume or LinkedIn profile, then lets you choose a design, add multimedia items like presentations, images, and embedded videos, and publish to a public custom URL, a private share link, or a PDF export. Unlike most, however, VisualCV uses the same resume-parsing technology that many Fortune 500 companies do, meaning that you can rest assured your VisualCV resume will be read correctly by applicant tracking systems. Plus, the site’s dashboard also lets you manage multiple versions of your resume so you can tweak based on the specific job you’re applying for.

Financial Analyst Visual Resume Sample

Now your Visual Resume is now ready, to preview it simply click “Slide Show” button at the bottom.

My belief is that a visual resume should accentuate your “hardcopy” resume. It should be simple and straight forward offering additional info and be able to offer audio, images and video. Since the resume you send, by email or snailmail, should only be a page or two.

When anybody hears the word “Resume” or “CV” (Curriculum Vitae) , the images of 3 paged document containing academic records, employer details, project details, personal details and some other blah blah flickers in their minds. Traditionally from 265 B.C.(Kidding!!!) the same format is being used by every human species dwelling on the earth. The world gone wild with the digital era. Everything seems to be getting in digital format eventually, but our beloved CVs have not evolved from their 3 paged format. But today I’ll present some fantastic samples of Visual Resumes prepared in latest digital formats with elegant design, witty presentation of their skills, academics and more. And I believe every computer professional has one such nice Visual CV. These digital resumes might capture the attention of prospective employer and may help you get that dream job!![…] everyone. So what kind of visual resume you should make? Have dilemma? Then first check out these awesome and creative visual resume samples. If you’ve got hint of what kind of cool resume you can create, then look further for […]