How to update your resume to land your dream job

Resume customized for a specific position - Sometimes you could customize your resume for a position by being selective in the achievements of your experience since some may be more relevant than others. In this case, it is about a specific position that may be a great match if you know to update your resume for this specific position.

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Updating your resume doesn't have to be too time-consuming or painful, says resume expert Lauren Milligan, founder of ResuMAYDAY, a Chicago-based resume writing and career services firm. She shares five quick tips for breathing new life into your old resume.

Andrew Chilian Updated Resume Reel June 2015

What font do you use? I recently updated my resume in Garamond, and it looks nice.

I saw this article on Digg when it first came out and decided to use it to update my resume. Since then I’ve shown my new and improved resume to my wife, a couple co-workers, and a former boss. All of them have said that they don’t like the layout. I did get a little too wordy in my descriptions so perhaps that’s what they dislike but has anyone else received feedback from peers?

I am just starting another job search so when updating my resume I put it in this format and it worked very well. I changed the header a little just to make it smaller, but that was about it. My girlfriend saw it and thought it was so great she asked if I could help convert her resume. Her resume used to be 10pt font/Arial Narrow/.25″ margins completely filled with text so we were not sure if it would fit. Surprisingly it fits much better and provides much more white space on the page.Unfortunately, most people wait until it is too late to update their resume. They’ve had to come home and tell their families they won’t be going the next day. They’re panicked and an emotional mess. Amidst all of this they boot up the computer and start putting a resume together.Finding a new job requires you to have a few simple things. The first is an updated resume that accurately depicts your career skills and experience. The second is references that can vouch for your experience in the field you are looking to work in. And lastly you need either a solid network of contacts in the industry or a lot of luck.The best part of updating your resume more frequently is it can take a lot of the sting out of the process. If I asked all of our readers how many of you would rather spend four hours updating your resume or be forced to dig ditches in the summer heat, an unhealthy portion of you would probably ask to see where the shovels were.