Yes, I’ll have a cover letter and a two page resume.

Resume length: The Last Word on Resumes and their length
Recruiters and hiring managers alike agree on one thing – the key to writing any resume is to choose the elements you include with care.
Based on your background and skills, you can refer to a one page resume template or a two page resume template to help you create the best possible resume.

Thank you!!! An experienced recruiter at Manpower told me two page resumes are fine.

I don't think we can settle the debate of one page vs. two page resumes in this forum, but as others have wisely said here, what is most important is that you include only your essential skills and achievements. Remember, a resume is a quick way to introduce yourself to a potential employer. The interview is where you get a chance to sell yourself. If you do decide to go with a two-page resume, I would staple it. It's too easy for a busy professional to not notice that there's a second side.

How to Optimize a Two Page Resume - How To Write a Resume

– A one page resume is appropriate if the candidate has less than five years of experience; five years or more can have a two page resume

I also disagree with the one page philosophy. Most resumes are two pages. A one page resume will hurt many candidates more than it will help them. If your background cannot be effectively highlighted in one page, two pages should be used. Resumes no longer need to be one page and two page resumes are very common (most employers will expect them if you have an extensive background). Your resume should be printed on two separate pages and not stapled.

Focus on the Relevant Experience and Skills
The two page resume format is okay but anything longer is not acceptable.
With a longer resume the optimal way to present your resume is with a chronological resume format. If your experiences are long, you need to focus and add only that which is . Leave out information that won’t help you get an interview.