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The traditional resume is not obsolete -- yet

The best method to do this is to place a “Selected Achievements” section before your work experience. In this section you should pick up to five of your most impressive achievements from any of your past roles that relate as closely as possible to the role you are targeting. This method offers alternatives to a traditional resume that will highlight your achievements to the hiring manager immediately, rather than getting lost in your long list of roles in your work experience section.

People say functional resume and traditional resume or professional resume.

Since the way employers look for candidates is changing--with sites like LinkedIn and movements into Big Data, are traditional resumes a thing of the past?

Online And Traditional Resumes | CAREEREALISM

Creative resumes are very pretty – we agree! But as a job seeker, the traditional resume is always your safest bet.

On the flip side, employers no longer just use the traditional resume and 2–3 references to judge whether or not you’re a good fit for their company. It’s become a combination of several things, as employers can now more accurately paint a fuller picture of who you are with more resources to do so.

Note: Traditional resume means the kind of resume that you'd send to employers by way of postal mail, fax or email file attachment*. Once you've written your traditional resume, to cover the gamut, you'd then convert it to modern-day and versions., chief evangelist and co-founder of , a career management tool for young professionals, points out that "a traditional resume isn't necessarily linear. But careers today are nonlinear. People often do more than one job at once, people often learn more in between jobs than during a job. Therefore, a resume based on ideas and conversations is a more accurate representation of today’s worker than a resume based on linear histories."Click a link below or start with the first link and step your way through, to learn about writing and formatting your traditional resume. Each page in this section links to the next page in the sequence listed below.If you have a lot of work in the digital space, a might be an option. It's a format that allows you to pull all types of interactive content into a traditional resume format with additional links to blog posts, Twitter accounts, videos, presentations and so on. You can also add charts and graphs to enhance the look. It serves as a great digital portfolio and can really dress up the traditional resume.