Ten Tips on Writing a Resume Objective Statement With Examples

Your resume should accurately reflect the work experience and skills you have that match the job requirements. Everything you include in your resume must reinforce the fact that you are a suitable job candidate. Look carefully at the job description and candidate profile and ensure that you focus on the knowledge, skills and experience that meet the job requirements. You can get help with understanding the job at . Expert tips on writing a resume suggest a resume should be no longer than 2 pages.Organize your information in a factual and focused manner by, for example, using bullet points to list your skills and experience. Long paragraphs of text tend to lack impact and the reader is likely to lose interest. Short, concise sentences or phrases are more effective. Ensure the font you use is the right size for most people to read comfortably - 12 points is usually adequate. Avoid fancy fonts that are difficult to read, stick with the simple and straightforward such as Arial and Times. Colored backgrounds can also prove distracting and detract from the professionalism of your resume. Your resume should include your full name, address, phone number and email address.

Use these tips on writing a resume to create a resume that lands you the job interview.

Many job seekers make the mistake of stating in their resume objectives what they want from a job i.e. advancement, security and challenge. The tips on writing a resume that are ignored the most; They neglect to inform the employer of what they bring to the table - such as leadership, problem solving, critical thinking, business acumen and other core strengths that would be of immediate value to an employer.

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Crafters have a unique set of skills that can be formatted in a resume for maximum employment potential. Here are tips on writing a resume when you have been out of work or worked from home.