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Have you sent out tons of resumes, but you’re not getting many, or any, interviews? You’re not alone. Even though the job market is getting better, you still have to catch the reviewer’s attention in a positive way. This means getting the right things on the resume and leaving the wrong things off. There are a lot of lists out there of things to put on your resume and things to leave off. Those lists are great, and most of them offer good advice. However, with this article, I’m going to give you more detailed instruction and explanation than is typically offered in the lists.

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When I started university I wanted to be involved so that I would get the opportunity to meet other students. Getting involved can also mean great things to put on your resume that demonstrate leadership. I first got involved in Intramural sports, specifically volleyball. I got a group of friends together and kept everyone posted on the time and location of games. Our team continued to sign up every semester. In 2012, I was also involved in organizing of the first annual U of R Relay for Life, in support of the Canadian Cancer Society. It was a learning experience for everyone, but it was all worth it for such a great cause and I cannot wait to be involved next year.

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It’s all about ! I encourage students to join clubs that make sense for their interests, their hobbies, and their career goals. These campus activities are really impressive—they give you great experience doing a variety of tasks, and are definitely going to be things to put on your resume and talk about in your cover letter and during interviews.