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For almost 40 years, Alan has had an active career in film, television and theater, having guest starred on more than 300 television shows and appearing in more than 30 films. (link here to film/TV/theater resumes and videos). One of Alan and Katherine’s favorite projects was performing in the film, CALLBACK, with original music and sound recording by their son, Nathan Blumenfeld James. Their older son, Jordan, has been named a Rising Star in the Super Lawyers of Los Angeles and California.

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This theater major resume example will help you to recognize the advantages one can take up with a degree in theater major. A major in theater opens to a number of career opportunities like artists, playwright, theater educator, dramatist, drama therapist, arts management, and theatrical artists. A degree in theater major provides basic education and training to perform the duties covered in the art forms.

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Sample Theater Major Resume

Sample theatrical director resume – aroj., Theatrical director resume sample provides information on how to prepare arts resume. also, find samples of resume writing guidelines on theatrical director..

Most technical theatre resumes use a presentational format classified as a chronological resume. It lists different position categories sorted by the most recent first. Another class of resume is a functional position resume. It provides a short description about different jobs or situations rather than positions on individual shows. The second format is not typically used by younger members of the profession so it won’t be discussed here.Next, very, very few theatrical resumes will have to be more than two pages after high school. Four of my own children have had more credits than would fit on a single page, so we reduced it to "representative" credits with a full resume available on demand. As for credits including only high school and beyond, I find that a bit weird. Were we supposed to leave out feature films done in middle school, national commercials done in elementary school, etc? Voice overs for feature animated films? Personally, if I were on the faculty of a theater program, I'd want to know that stuff.