The Ladders Resume Writing Scam

The cost must be staggering to employers who are forced to deal with unsolicited applicants, to deny fraudulent salaries, and to explain that they did not post their jobs on TheLadders. How many employers’ job listings does TheLadders pilfer every day — without contacting them to verify salaries? How many employers’ reputations are tarnished, in the professional communities from which they recruit, because TheLadders misrepresents them?

the ladders resume critique / review is a scam to get you to pay for their services

I, too, fell prey to The Ladders. The resume was rather poorly written, did not have the correct facts and data as requested, and here is the kicker: It was reviewed by THREE VPHRs who advised me that if they received the Ladders resume that I would not be interviewed. When I told the ladders of this, they stated that it was professional but then gave me my money back. I would NOT RECOMMEND them and I would welcome anyone who is able to be of guidance and assistnace in my journey for further career development and success.

The Ladders Resume Writing Service

The Ladders Resume Service Cost

Recent disclosures reveal that TheLadders’s claims of exclusivity and “Only $100k+” jobs and candidates are untrue, and that it not only fails to deliver what it charges for, but that TheLadders interferes with the business of companies that are not even its customers.