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Resume templates are created for the masses. YOU are an individual and you need a resume that will position you as being ONE-OF-A-KIND. Instead, resume templates make you appear to be just one of many. Employers can spot a template resume a mile away. And more often than not, they just throw it away.

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Most of the time, people tend to add useless things like extensive experience, which your current employer might be not looking for. This not only gives your resume an odd look but also uselessly increase its size. The standard size of a resume is 2 pages that can reach to 3 for maximum. You can achieve this with the help of a template resume.

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Applicants in each race/sex/city/resume quality group were assigned the same phone number so that the authors could track employer callbacks in each group, even if they were not able to match callbacks to specific resumes. The resulting bank of names, phone numbers, addresses, and e-mail addresses were then randomly assigned to the template resumes when responding to employment ads.

Thanks, Andrew for posting these. I was googling for a resume template but results were too complicated and over decorated CV. Right when I was about to give up I found your site. This is what I need, nice and simple template.Template for resume save time, money, pain, and help you focus your attention on resume writing to express your talents and skills to your prospective employer. There are thousands of simple resume templates available on the Internet, selection of one that perfectly suits your is very important.