I, personally, hate the generic career focus summary on a resume

Once upon a time, people were encouraged to write about their careers in an "objective" summary on a resume. That has gone out of fashion—but not on LinkedIn. "Since you're writing online, you actually have more space than you would on a traditional paper resume. Think of the summary as a way of selling yourself—it's an opportunity to express your voice and personality," Williams explains.

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Here re first quick tips for writing the summary section in a resume.1. Keep it Short
The first difficulty with summaries like these is that – being summaries – they will probably not include everything you might at first want to say about yourself.

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Use your computer skills summary on a resume to include plenty of relevant key words

Sue’s take: The summary on a resume and the summary on LinkedIn are different animals. The LinkedIn summary should be written in the first person and show more passion and personality. It’s also important to make sure that you are using current terminology for your skills - (Editor’s Hint: visit the Skills and Expertise section under the More tab) as this will have an impact on your
“findability”. Also you may not want to use specific numbers for achievements under each company – could be proprietary information – stick to percentages.