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If you’re submitting your resume via a Web-based submission system rather than e-mailing it, you’ll often need to copy and paste different sections of the document into different parts of the employer’s web form. Having a plain-text, unformatted resume on hand for these opportunities can make this process a lot easier.

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When you attend a career fair.
Even if you submitted your resume online in advance, bring print copies to facilitate conversation. The in-person opportunity is unique to a job fair. . Also expect that employers may ask you to apply online directly to the employer's website.

How to Submit a Resume for a Job | eHow

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E.g., employer might instruct applicants to submit your resume as a Microsoft Word document as an attachment to your email. Some employers may accept a PDF; PDFs are preferred by some senders in design fields because they preserve the exact layout and format of your document. But some employers may not be willing to accept PDFs. Some recipients highly dislike PDFs. There are 3 easy methods to submit your resume via e-mail to FPC of Columbia. All 3 methods will get your resume reviewed by an appropriate Recruiter in a timely manner.