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There are several strategies to get away from the standard resume template, including incorporating color, changing fonts, integrating a related icon, adding a border, and using testimonials.

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Penelope's right on here: most schools have a standard resume template that pretty much specifies how you should write up your experiences for employer review. If you're at a progressive school, you might be presented with three or four examples of how you can develop your resume. But most places set guidelines for how you need to write up your education and degree information.

These standard formats help schools live up to NACE principals of fairness and they help employers do a quick scan of your skills and experience in comparison with you peers. But, again, Penelope's assessment is on the mark: Standard formats don't help all students, and especially not those who have non-traditional experience that doesn't align well with a rote format.

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The Functional Customer Service Resume Template is an alternative to a standard resume template. In this style there will be a higher emphasis on skills, experience, and knowledge. This enables a more extensive list of one’s abilities and technical knowledge. The Functional Resume format is a good choice for those who have a limited number […]