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Echocardiogram Sonographer Resume Sample

• Implemented Cardiology PACS system at the department which resulted in enhanced and appropriate interdepartmental communication associated with results.
• Adapted a variety of sonographic procedures to suit the diagnostic wants after detailed discussion with all the consulting specialist with regard to special cases.
• Conducted preventive maintenance from the machinery increasing living of sonography equipment by a couple of years on the regular.

Performed sonographic procedures and produced diagnostic scans of high quality.

A professional sonographer resume will begin with a summary of qualifications. This will include a bullet list of knowledge, the physics of ultrasound, image formation, 2D scanning, and Doppler. It is also the section to express ones skills, abilities, and work ethic. The next section of the sonographer resume will be a list of professional experience, highlighting the jobs related to sonography.

Sonographer Resumes - Sample Resume

Sonographer Resume Sample

Make sure you employ the above guidelines and compare your resume against it cautiously before dispatching. Below is usually a cardiac Sonographer resume sample to your guidance.