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A senior solutions architect resume is crafted to express the candidate's goals and aspirations pertaining to the profession of IT, and also project his skills and expertise in the development and implementation of solutions architecture. Ideally, a solutions architect is experienced in cross-functional, cross-domain, and cross-industry projects. Your job application is a marketing tool, as it acts as a medium through which you promote your qualities, outlining your image as a skilled professional. Often, it's starting to write the resume that seems difficult; however, only when the applicant is unaware of what the employer expects to see in his application. It is very important to understand the vision of the company or at least know the job specifications before you get started. And thus, it is regarded as a rewarding practice to contact the recruiter prior to drafting the job application to discuss their requirements. It is also advised that you check the company website for more subject clarity.

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This solution architect resume format communicates important sections in a clear and impressive way. The sample provides the required skills, qualifications and job responsibilities in an organized way. Our aim is to help you in writing a resume that gains the interest of your prospective way.


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A mobile solutions enterprise architect resume brings into light the fundamental qualities of the candidate, pertaining to the development and implementation of architectural initiatives and the integration of existing and new systems. Starting with an effective career objective, the resume projects your career related interests and goals, while showcasing your skills, technical knowledge, and expertise in the sector of mobile solutions architecture. As the major part of your job application comprising of a resume and a cover letter, it highlights all the essential elements pertaining to your profile, with its contents holding utmost significance and relevance to the specifications of the job that you are seeking. While it serves as a medium through which you can express your intentions and explain your professional background, it also acts as an effective marketing tool, capable of promoting your profile with optimal enhancement.