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Looks like the college graduating class of 2012 will be bringing some social freshness and prowess to the online marketing world. Social media resumes are the new black.


One thing modern job seekers have to get used to is the prevalence of social media in the job market. In fact, one in six job seekers credit social media with helping them land their current job and 92% of employers use some form of social media in their recruiting. That’s why it’s so important anyone currently looking for a job maintain a social media resume.

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[…] such a new position in Corporate America, what should a social media resume look like? I found an article that outlines a few […]

Came across this blog as I was searching for career-related sites, and I really love this post about social media resumes. The advance about including how you’ve improved professionally is a great tip that isn’t often included in most cover letters or resumes.

[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by DeAnne Clifton and Vikash Singh, Helen Hoefele. Helen Hoefele said: So that's what a social media resume might look like > RT @decli 12 things every Social Media Resume should include […]A social media resume first lists a clear objective explaining why an applicant wants a job and how the applicant will use the position to improve an organization's exposure and profitability. Along with standard contact information such as name, address, and phone number, this more specialized resume also includes links to an applicant's social media presence such as websites and profile names on popular social media destinations. Recruiters are less interested in traditional experience and more concerned with skills in areas such as content optimization, search engine marketing, pay-per-click advertising, HTML, and CSS.Thank you so much for this, it was a great read. I was looking for the sample for social media resumes and found this. It will surely going to help me to build my resume and the career.Social media or online resumes may include HTML and social media resumes, which are key components of your personal brand. They are designed for posting as part of a personal Website / online portfolio or uploading to a social networking site. Social media resumes are most effective when a special section of relevant keywords are included since these help the profile stand out in online searches.