30+ Creative Ways to List Job Skills on Your Resume

After becoming homeless following his discharge from the U.S. Army in 2006, Tyler secured positions at Rite Aid and 7/11 after a year of relentlessly submitting resumes at local stores. While Tyler identifies a bevy of barriers to a veteran’s employment – lack of education, pride, miscommunication of military skills on resumes, health care needs, homelessness, legal needs and limited knowledge of resources among them – he says that through collaboration between several stakeholders, improvement is possible. Monthly and meetings, where many agencies and organizations come together to solve issues plaguing veterans, are one example of collaboration at work.

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In this ecosystem, badge issuers (learning providers), badge earners (learners), and badge consumers (employers) all benefit from the ability to capture and convey evidence of learning that is far more targeted and concrete than traditional grades on transcripts and lists of skills on resumes.

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with action verbs to help them represent these skills on resumes and graduate school applications. Amira Wegenek, PhD Saddleback College

As a current MLS student, I appreciate this article and think these are important skills for library professionals to be able to demonstrate. As a career counselor, I think the add-on to this article is making sure job seekers understand the way to highlight these skills on resumes, cover letters and in interviews!