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Training and official certification are important parts of maintaining a respectable career in the tech industry. Most major tech companies offer certification test which can be taken to provide a baseline of skill to put on a resume. With each major release of Windows, Microsoft has provided a new test for IT pros to prove their competency in the new version. Windows 10 will be no different in this regard, but Microsoft has provided an incentive to sweeten the deal.

Skills to put on a resume depends on job you are going for

The station is also very closely involved with the communication program here at William Paterson University. This means the station is used for classes and students can get credit for their involvement. We have industry-standard equipment that prepares students who want to go on to work in the radio industry. Being on the air is great life experience, and learning to produce radio is also a valuable skill to put on a resume.

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Types of Skills to Put on a Resume

Figuring out which skills to put on a resume is one of the most important parts of the resume writing process. Putting skills on a resume is not just about creating a laundry list of abilities, however. It’s an essential part of the branding process, one that will help you stand out.

Where to Place Skills

You’ll be adding skills in two places. First, you can list skills in the resume summary or resume objective statement. Second, you will be weaving skills into the various accomplishments that you list for the positions that you will be highlighting on your resume.