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CareerPro Global’s senior writing team develops hundreds of interview and job-winning Senior Executive Service (SES) applications each year, and The Roadmap to the Senior Executive Service has been written from their insider’s perspective. The five-point process teaches you how to find federal Senior Executive Service jobs, understand the hiring process, then develop and submit your own application materials —to include a federal-style SES resume, Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs), and Technical Qualifications (TQs). If you want to learn how to determine if you are qualified for an executive role in the government, and then write a comprehensive, interview-winning, and Office of Personnel Management (OPM)-compliant SES application package, this book is for you. Entry into the Senior Executive Service begins here!

To apply to an SES position, you will need an SES resume - any other resume will get rejected.

Your SES Resume must show a high level of competence in each ECQ. These statements focus on your experience, through real life examples, demonstrating how you have successfully applied these abilities and skills. Along with the SES Resume the ECQ questions must be written so that your competence in each area and your ability to use these skills interdependantly is clear and leaves no doubt as to your qualifications. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to represent your skills on an SES resume in the best possible light.

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Effectiveness and Results. Those are the hallmarks of our Professional SES Resume Writing services.

Preparing a SES resume, the dreaded Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs), and any Mandatory Technical Qualifications (MTQs; also known as TQs and Professional Technical Qualifications or PTQs) is an art. In addition, effectively matching your career’s work to the 28 competencies of the Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) is paramount to getting your application past the human resources reviewers and in front of the decision makers. Even if an agency is using the new five-page SES resume as its application, candidates still need to demonstrate possession of executive-level experience and incorporate ECQs and MTQs into their resume. Successful applicants will likely be asked to supply a full set of ECQs later in the process.