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Layout Choose a layout that is formal and appropriate to the practiced industrial professional standards. Adherence to a simple structure is better as it optimizes the visual clarity of the resume. Use of page borders is optional. For representing information, you may use different formats such as tabular, paragraphs or pointers/bulleted. Do not use them excessively, but only on requirement basis, as it can give an untidy look to your science resume. A look on sample science resumes listed below would provide a clear picture for drafting legible and attractive resumes.

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Depending upon the area of science you have applied for, you might find that you have chosen such a specialized category that competition for jobs is light, but on the other hand, your specialization might be one of the most popular in the field of science. Either way, never underestimate the power of a resume, as future employers attach a great deal of importance to how it is written, and how it is presented. That is why it is best to search for an online sample of a scientist resume as a guide to writing your own. A well written resume speaks volumes for a job applicant.

Georgia Tech Computer Science Resume

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