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If your resume isn't getting you the right interviews, follow these five rules for resume success

While many of the rules for resumes are similar for many job candidates, there may be some issues that executives may have to consider in their job resumes that other people may not. For , you want to avoid some of the obvious mistakes for the executive. Here are some issues that you want to avoid.

Rules for Resume Writing, Formatting and Cover Letter

The best resume is the one that quickly summarizes your work history and skills. No matter which resume format you use, there are 9 rules for resumes:

The fun part about Resumoxie is that there aren’t really THAT many rules for resumes. I constantly find myself reminding clients that there are lots of ways to do resumes right, and that a decision doesn’t necessarily have a right or wrong answer.

There is a lot of confusing information out there these days about how long a resume should be. While a resume that goes on for pages is unlikely to be read by a hiring manager, not putting in enough information can have the same effect. Now that many resumes are no longer submitted on paper but in digital format, the old rules for resumes make little sense. Keep in mind that hiring managers are interested in finding the right candidate for the job, and the resume quickly tells them whether or not the applicant is eligible for consideration.