Please review my Resume and Cover Letter

In the US, it comes across as a bit pushy. When you're asking someone for a favor, you generally phrase it as a question: "Would you mind reviewing my resume?"

3. Who Can I Get To Review My Resume For Errors Before I Start Sending It To Employers?

Thank you for taking the time to review my attached resume. In speaking with Mr. John Smart from ABC Company earlier this week, I understand that you are looking for someone who has experience in technical support.

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You could also phrase it more delicately, but as a statement:

I had to review my resume in order to apply to executive jobs, coming from an engineering field with advanced degree, it was challenging to give an executive feel to my resume on my own. I did hire Tiffany to help on this and she did an excellent job which gives me confidence I can now apply to these executive jobs I wanted.
She was patient, had an individual approach to my resume and took time to read through to 'feel' the key details that will bring my profile to the top. I would like to recommend her and would work with her in the future.

I put in an order on december 23, 2015 for myperfect resume to review my resume but once i read the fine print. I called to cancel it. the guy told me that he has cancelled my order and i will get my refund in 2 business days. I called on 1/5/2016 because i did not receive the money but the lady kept telling to email them. i told her that i have already emailed but no response and she said she... I would be very grateful if you would review my resume. I am confident that it will fulfill your company’s requirements. I hope that my hands-on experience and practical knowledge in the professional field are well suited to the goals of your organization.
I would like to further discuss how my experience and skills will help your organization.