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Two of the most important developments on the World Wide Web are 1),resume databases for putting your resume online, and 2), theavailability of numerous resources for exploring job options,researching potential employers, and answering questions. A few yearsago several companies operated offline resume databases that chargedpeople monthly and yearly fees to join. Many of these companies have nowdisappeared or transformed their operations into online Internetdatabases that charge employers membership or per-search fees foraccessing their databases. In most cases, people can now put theirresumes online free. Once entered into a database, your resume sitsthere until it is "screened-in" by an employer who searches(scans) for it by key words. To get the most "hits," you mustwrite a well-crafted electronic resume rich with nouns.

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Image above shows us one of the steps that you need to go through in order to create a resume online for free. Each step requires that you give information on a different part of a resume, starting from the basic things like your name and information to things like eduction, experience, certifications, special skills, and so on.

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