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Matt and his team are my go to recruiters. They listen to what you are looking for and continue to refine their search parameters as they get feedback on candidates they send your way. This has resulted in the best resume to hire ratio I’ve had with any recruiter relationship.

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When creating your resume, you are probably thinking about including enough information that will get you an interview. While that is the goal, a job seeker should also focus on whether or not his or her resume is “hire worthy”. In other words, if you were the employer, would you be impressed with your resume to hire you? Does it meet all of the expectations an employer is looking for? Here are some tips to write a resume that reflects the best you, which can turn you from a job seeker into a job candidate.

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It is of course going to vary from manager to manager, but personally iwourld rank these things interms of how I look at a resume to hire

The employment process should be a beautiful experience; a simple way for you to capitalize on your particular brand of expertise. In practice, it's an utter disaster. I'd seen too many friends and family struggle through demoralizing job hunts in a stagnant economy. At the same time, I'd seen fellow startup owners struggling to find and attract top talent. The system was clearly broken, so I wanted to fix it. RezScore has already changed the system by empowering the start of your job search, but my work isn't done until we simplify and enhance the entire employment process, at every stage from resume to hire.