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Some researchers are concerned that resume scanning software may be using applicant data to make generalizations that end up inadvertently mimicking humans’ discrimination based on race or gender.

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2. There's a chance that your resume will be formatted in a way that it inconvenient to a human reader if the resume scanning software isn't very good, and this could disadvantage you even if you do get through the algorithmic screening if you are posting for a job that will have a lot of candidates. This is because recruiters spend a reported average of 6 seconds on each resume - they are time poor and get a lot of applications. It is unlikely that they are going to persist with your resume or click through to the original if it is presented in a way that is difficult to read, unless you are one of only a few candidates, or a particularly exceptional one.

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For example, if your resume states that you have a Master of Business Administration degree, but the employer uses resume scanning software to find resumes with the acronym MBA, your resume will not be found even though you have the qualification the employer wants. Therefore, you must include both MBA and Master of Business Administration on your resume in order to cover off searches for each common variation of that qualification.