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A 'Resume' also known as 'Curriculum Vitae' or 'Bio data' is a document, which presents you and your qualifications, skills, abilities and goals in life, in front of the employer. Aren't these words big enough? Your career depends on these words, right? It summarizes the information in such a way that the reader or the prospective employer gets an idea about your educational, professional and personal details.

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An effective resume format will direct the readers' eye to your most impressive qualifications which can include keywords and phrases such as job titles, employer names, client names, work departments, longevity of employment, industries served, software tools, and functional skills.

This is one of my favorite resume formats.

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As an added bonus, we've also included extras such as cover letters and business cards to complete your job-hunting toolkit. You can find these value-added features in some of our designs so you can be fully armed and ready for the competition. What we have is a menu of eye-catching concepts that are not only creative but are also capable of demonstrating a strong and functional use of typography. So ditch that dull and uninspiring CV and start reinventing your image by giving it a little spice. Effectively show employers your initiative and ability to stand out from the rest of the crowd, gain new employment opportunities with our creatively designed templates!

You'll read about , and professional , resume , and ; and resume blasting -- all the resume help and tips you will need to design, write, post and distribute professional or professional-quality resumes and cover letters. All of this is designed for one purpose -- to help you develop a resume that will make you stand out from that crowd of other job seekers.There are some tricks to the "e" part. And you will read here about those tricks, including how to format your e-resume for electronic transfer, how to make the most of keywords, what should look like, and how to create your own . But most of the time you will just read about resumes without the "e" -- researching, designing, formatting, writing, and distributing them. You can always add the "e,"and you'll be correct.