Following is the acceptable format for resume references.

Be sure to respect your references’ privacy. “Ask each reference if there’s any information they do not want listed -- this will help protect your contact’s private information,” Nolan says.

Need to know which resume references to include? Use this list to strengthen any application:

Resume references can make or break your career job search. Employers assume will be provided upon request, so don't list them in your resume. The reason for this is that contacts change frequently. In addition, employers may keep resumes on file for several months and reference information can become stale during this time. By keeping a separate list, you have an opportunity to ensure contact information provided is current.

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Resume Reference

For each of your past jobs or internships, contact your immediate supervisor as a resume reference. Your supervisor interacts with you the most in a professional environment, and probably can tell a potential employer how you work and what you can do more than the head of the company could.

An employee's good conduct and work ethic secures the opportunity of a positive reference from an ex-boss. This in turn holds the employee in high regard and enhances his/her image as a desirable employee. Therefore, solid references are a must have in the resume or reference-able later on in the hiring process. New graduates without professional references should be sure to make available academic or community references.Make sure to speak with your references before you include them in your application, and ask if they feel comfortable speaking to your potential employers about your skills. You might want to . Remember: The most important factor in choosing your resume references is their impression of you, not their relationship to you.