B&W Resume Prints on Back of Headshot

Resume printing on bond paper selected by the Career Development Center is not deducted from the printing allocation assigned to students. A laser printer dedicated to printing student resumes. Resume Printing is only available to who are able to enter the 6th Floor Student Computing Lab in the Library Building. Please ask a Lab Assistant for details and assistance.

Color Resume Prints on 8×10 Paper

Use a formal format. Include your contact information on every page. Avoid color fonts. This includes the date then the recipient’s name and address at the beginning of your cover letter and your contact information at the end. Writing a resume for print means printing your resume on something—paper! And paper quality is important. Traditional business sized paper is appropriate for a resume. Also, traditional business quality paper is acceptable. You don’t want to print on colored paper or card stock. This is seen as amateur and a “gimmick.”

B&W Resume Prints on 8×10 Paper

The document will not print until you resume printing.

Why would you need to hire our services for Resume Printing or our Full Resume Service when you can print them at home? A well-designed resume package, including a professional resume and cover letter, is the type of product you want to mail to employers or drop off in person. You don’t have to wait by the phone for an interview. Your professional resume package by Word Center Printing speaks for itself.

Some people think this is not necessary because your potential employer already has your resume. This is a common misconception. You should always have several copies of your resume printed out and with you when at an interview.If you want to send a resume demonstrating how serious you are about getting the job, you can find out more about our customer-tailored Professional Resume Writing service. Word Center Printing is pleased to offer you a Resume Writer who will carefully work with you as an individual. We back up our writing service with first-rate Resume Printing.A final note about resume writing for print— if you use one make sure the staple is straight! It is a small detail, but most companies are looking for the detail oriented. Make sure your staple is not askew, as this shows laziness. Also, if your resume is two pages long, print two pages. Double sided might be good for Mother Nature, but employers will likely fail to flip your resume over. To make sure your whole resume gets read, staple your papers. If you follow these simple steps, you’ll be ready to impress in print!After speaking with one of our engineers, he assures me that there is nothing wrong with your printer. Generally speaking once the printer runs out of paper it will take a short period of time for the paper sensors in the printer to communicate that paper is again present in the tray. He did tell me that this issue should not be affected by the level of toner that you have.

My recommendation is that you ensure prior to any large print jobs that you have enough paper present in the tray to complete the job. Otherwise after replacing the paper in the printer give it a short period of time before resuming the print job.

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