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You will hear several different opinions from multiple resume writers regarding resume page length. No one has the exact standard because there isn't one.


College graduates are often required by their advisers or counselors to keep their resume length to a single page minimum. However, if there are hundreds of single-page applicants for a single job, it's the resume that consists of two pages that may end up standing out, especially if the job asks for a go-getter type with many leadership qualities. This can end up backfiring, as intangible qualities like "leadership" and "charisma" are very difficult to get across on the resume page. The applicant has to show these qualities through listing extracurricular or community service activities.

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Your work experience should make up the bulk of your first resume page. If your education history contains a large number of degrees or certifications, consider putting it on the second page so that your work experience section is not pushed too far down the first page. The second page of your resume is the ideal location for sections such as your or professional affiliations.