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Keywords are Gods in the world of resume optimization. If you do not display the same exact keywords that are listed in the job description, you may be rejected right off the bat.

Basically, resume search optimization allows you to stack the odds in your favor.

• How to write your summary of qualifications for all career levels
• How to format your primary statement and secondary sentences
• How to write your resume for the modern digital age
• Specific resume optimization techniques that will get you noticed

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Keyword richness is an important factor to consider in resume optimization regardless of how it is being submitted.

In summary, for best results in resume optimization, focus on nouns in the Keyword Summary but combine nouns with action verbs in the rest of the resume. Beyond the Keyword Summary, which is simply a list of keywords, use additional keywords in other parts of your resume that contextually make sense. Use tools like to help find top contextual keywords for your target job.

Among our many services, Resource Management & Acquisitions™ (RMA®) also offers executive job seekers assistance with professional resume writing, resume editing, and resume optimization. Our experienced hiring professionals provide clients with comprehensive professional resume writing services that help sculpt their resume into an accurate representation of their abilities, competencies, industry background, and skills.Outstanding post about the top 5 shiny happy resume optimization tips (guest post from craig fisher) I think this article will attract all and sundry. Besides, Meanwhile, I have read this post once and again. Also I have taken some of useful information from here. Thanks... Efficiency is a term used often today for a reason. By optimizing your resume, you’ll not only help make the process easier for employers, you’ll be dramatically increasing your chances of being hired at the same time. Thus, we have coined the phrase search resume optimization (SRO) and provided some features for you Keywords and phrases reflect skills and experience necessary for the type of position and industry you are targeting. Resume optimization should include use of keywords that’s unique to the specific job description or a human reviewer and when technology is used to select candidates.