Professional Experience for a First Resume No Experience

Most resumes in use today in the United States are known as chronological resumes. They are generally one page in length with the contact information listed first, then the objective statement followed by qualifications and skills. Next would come work history, or professional experience, and the resume would conclude with educational information. Some resumes have a section for community service activities which might be good to include if on a first resume no experience can be listed.

Educational Requirements for a First Resume No Experience

Education on a resume always begins with the highest level of education and is worked backwards in reverse chronological order. A college student could list the college they currently attend, but where the dates of enrollment occur, it would be listed as the year of enrollment through to current year. This is usually documented like this, “2009 – present.” Immediately following would be the high school attended and the date of graduation. Any honors courses or special awards can be listed as well to make a first resume with no professional experience a little more appealing.

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There really is no reason to be concerned when submitting a first resume when no actual work experience can be documented. A little creative flare and an ability to find skills you can bring to a new employer can compensate for any real lack of experience. There are first resume no experience samples online to help new job seekers learn to format an effective resume. It may take a little bit of extra brain power, but it can be done, and done well.