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What is the Resume Management System?

The resume management and recruitment workflow system allows a candidate to store requisite experiences, capabilities, and competencies by merely posting their electronic or digital resume to the system. The candidate does not need to complete forms and assign years of experience to a predefined set of skill or experience-related phrases. The system retains all of the experiences, skills, and experience-related phrases for the candidate and assigns the maximum possible duration of experience for each utilizing this information for the employer to execute a search with great accuracy, i.e., an improved precision ratio.

- User friendly Resume Database Management

The present invention relates, in general, to computing systems and data processing. In particular, the present invention is a computer system and method for managing access to a resume database, searching the resume database, generating a resume summary based on a stored resume and job description, accessing a resume management and recruitment workflow system via a graphical user interface, and composing a resume for a candidate.

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is a flow diagram of an embodiment of resume management and recruitment workflow system 140 displaying a list of jobs, searching through previously entered and stored job descriptions and their specifications, and adding a new job and its description and specification.