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There are a number of types of layouts but, you should keep in mind that a resume layout also includes your use of white space and graphical elements.

Use the correct rules from  about resume layouts that give you a resume that POPS.

. Skills. Proper . There are many components that a absolutely must have in this age of applicant tracking systems (ATS). With so much energy spent on content, it’s easy to forget about the importance of presenting that content through a solid resume layout.

Resume Layout Search Results The Works

Now let's take a look at the various resume layouts and what sets them apart from each other...

creative resume layout 21 May 2009 ... These resume are beautifully designed and props to all the creative minds ..... that's why i have different format of the resume and portfolio too.

Remember that an effective resume layout is necessary to highlight your qualifications, as opposed to being an end in itself (in that regard, you don't need a "nice" resume layout as much as you need an "effective" resume layout).We have seen hundreds of different resume layouts and the one thing that all of the human resource folks tell us is that they want to be able to find your skills and experience in an "easy to read" fashion. When it comes to creating or designing your resume, there are no exact standards regarding resume layouts (margins, spacing, font selections...). That is why there are so many resumes out there that have such varied designs. This layout has all of your headings and bullets aligned to the left and under each other. Finally the centered resume layout can be hard to read. Everything is centered from your heading to your bullet points. However if you use the right format and layout features you can have an appealing resume.The first layout we are going to talk about is the traditional, one-column resume layout. This is the most common layout and chances are you resume looks like this one. Your objective or skills summary, job history and education are listed one after another down the page and all the lines have a left indentation.With all the selections of fonts that are out there today, you might want to use one that looks a little fancier than say the generic Times New Roman. Unless you are in the creative and artistic field, do not try to fancy your resume layout up with a funky font. As far as resumes go, the more conservative, the better.