RESUME LANGUAGE SKILLS - German Language Guide

Resume writing requires a vocabulary of resume language skills that even the world’s greatest authors and writers are not equipped with. You virtually have to be able to read a human resources manager’s or an editor’s mind to get to first base let alone an interview.

Resume Language Skills - English Business

Resume language skills help you stand out because it shows that you have a commitment to learning, particularly if you improve your language skills in adult life and don’t just rely on what you might have picked up in school. Skills with languages also demonstrate your ability to communicate well with a wide variety of people – even if you are not going to use the language you have in the job in question. Simply put, people with language skills generally make better employees.

How to present language skills in your resume

Resume Language Skills - Spanish Business

One of the most effective ways to demonstrate one's ability to speak Russian fluently is to do so through writing a resume in the country's native language. Resume language skills are vital regardless of the language the document is being written in.