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Kathy Robinson, the founder of and a career and business consultant, recommends her clients figure out what kind of job their resumes will win. She then uses job boards to research keywords used for similar job postings. Here's the process broken down:

There are 2 kinds of words we refer to when we use the term resume keywords:

The most important detail for any computer programmer resume is your specific technology experience. Why? Because employers, recruiters, resume reviewers, and application tracking systems all search resumes for keywords relevant to specific job positions. Imagine an algorithm that scored your resume against the job posting based on keywords/skills in the posting. The computer programmer resume skills summary allows you to ensure you get all of those technologies listed on your resume to score higher on these reviews.
One of the most important things you can do with your computer programmer resume is to make it easy for a resume reviewer to find your experience with specific skills on your computer programmer resume. For this reason, you should always include a Technical Skills section on your computer programmer resume. There are several approaches for your technical skills summary. The most common approaches are to provide a bulleted list, a short table, or even a short paragraph. Some list skills on their computer programmer resume organized by technical area, such as database, programming languages, networking tools, etc. Keep you list brief, after all, it is just a list of skills. Specifying versions is not usually necessary for the skill listing. The key purpose of this technical skills list is to make your skills easy to find. You want a reviewer to quickly see your key skills on your computer programmer resume, such as databases, programming languages, testing tools, etc.

Resume Keywords & Action Verbs: Scannable Resume Tips

Resume keywords can make a big difference in the success of your job search.

The second source for resume keywords is found in the employer job description. You can find out how to use the job description to get the skill categories the employer is seeking and mine the employer’s keywords to create a that focuses on a specific employer and position.

Resume keywords are what get your resume noticed. Recruiters and potential employers will enter keywords to search for resumes in databases when trying to fill a position. These keywords are generally the essential skills, experience, credentials and knowledge required to perform the job. Resume keywords must make statements that excite and entice employers to desire an interview with you. Choosing the right resume words and getting them in the right order is how you get interviews. Words: your resume, cover letter, follow up letters, and phone conversations are about the only communication you have with an employer to impress them and cause them to contact you for an interview.