Here is a good example of a resume header:

Your resume header is the top portion of your resume that tells the reader who you are, where you live, and where they can contact you to come in for an interview.

Here are some good resume headline samples that you can personalize according to your needs:

If you look at how people consume computer screens using the ; hopefully, this resume header will grab the attention of a potential reader. First the name pops out…then the image…now back down to the list of qualifications. If we can get the reader engaged up to this point, I guarantee they will continue to read the rest of your resume (which is much better than getting it thrown in the trash).

good example of a resume header

Below is a list of alternate resume headings that may be more appropriate for your situation.

The resume headlines are several expressive statements that briefly and creatively highlight key skills and accomplishments throughout a person’s career – These few statements must capture the reader’s attention.

Also, the heading "References" is bold and in all capitals to match the resume headings, and the fonts are the same style and size on both documents (the fonts on the sample resume image look smaller only because I shrunk that image to make it fit better on this page).