1. Understand what an ATS is and how to write a resume for it.

In today’s enormously competitive IT job market, there are loads of applicants applying for the similar jobs. Many hiring managers come to a decision by examining your resume. There are certain things that employers want to see on an applicant’s IT resume. Here are a few tips that are meant explicitly for individuals preparing a resume for IT sector.

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7. Always include a cover letter along with your full name and contact information in the body of the message. Don't include your cover letter as a second attachment with your resume for it will only confuse things.

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One valuable approach to writing the technical resume for IT professionals – up to senior technology executives – is the CAR format.

It is important to ensure that your resume protects you from before publishing it to a website, job site, blog by learning how to write a web safe resume. It is very easy to place too much information on your resume for it to be safely circulating the internet. By modifying the content of your resume, you can create your own privacy protection, without depending on anyone else to do it for you.