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Only include truthful information in your resume for acting. The industry is big, but it isn't that big. Chances are that the person interviewing you knows someone who knows someone who knows all of your previous work. A little lie told early on can become a huge problem later. No one expects a young actor to have a stellar resume. In the end, it is your audition/interview that will land you that job. Remember, a small, credible resume is much more effective than a large one padded with lies.

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The resume should be 8X10 inches as noted above. The spacing and font styles should reflect your personality and should leave a margin that makes an attractive appearance. This resume can be clicked to enlarge the content. Adjust the items to fit an 8X10 inch page. This resume is the basic no frills resume for an actor who wants to get work. It is the correct format for placing your show business history on a resume in a consise manner for audition purposes. The phone number for yourself or your agency contact would go near the top. Most resumes are typed on agency letterheads and then copied at a copy shop. You can copy your resume on your home printer or computer if you have the time. Type or use a computer printer to ensure a neat looking resume. On a the feature films are listed first, then TV, next Stage, Commercials, Internet and Special Skills and Abilities and your acting or specialized training. Special skills and abilities would include your sports activities, musical instrument expertise, dancing and artistic qualities. Anything that you do well that the casting person cannot see by looking at you.

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When seeking any type of job, an employer will ask for a . A resume is a history of your education, employment, and skills. Creating a resume for acting or other types of theater work is really not that different, as you include your education, experience, and skills, just like a standard resume.