Every resume covers a number of key characteristics including:

I always find it useful to take the information found on a resume cover letter program and further customize it with my experience and attitude. Having a great tool is only the beginning. Finishing it with your touch is always going to work best.

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The resume and cover letter are amazing!! They are much better than I could ever had asked for. I'm confident these documents will help me get my foot in the door and start a great career.

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(This resume covers only my work life as a lover of Latin and of teaching. — RJ.)

In your shoes, I'd probably list something like "SolidEdge/SolidWorks" in the Technologies/Skills section on my resume, brush up enough on SolidWorks so that's not a bald-faced lie (surely you can download and play around with a demo version or something?), and then explain that you've primarily used SolidEdge when you get a live interview stage with somebody who does know the difference. Also, if your resume covers specific projects, make sure you note that you did them with SolidEdge, not Works.

Here a few samples of the resume cover letters that we've written for your review. We try to keep our cover letters focused and to the point while not repeating too much of the resume information.Cover letters absolutely are necessary. You should begin to think of Resume and Cover Letter as one word: Resumecoverletter. When someone asks for your resume, you also provide the cover letter.Career Services is here to help you craft the best resume and cover letter possible to convey your skills, experience and education. After reviewing our tutorials, you'll be prepared to refine your resume and cover letter to make the best possible first impression.Absolutely! While we are not a resume writing service, we will happily sit down with you to teach you the mechanics of writing a resume and cover letter. We also offer resume and cover letter review services. Additionally, you can attend a resume/cover letter writing workshop to get the help you need.