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Online college degrees can offer benefits for active-duty military and veterans as well. The most obvious benefits are flexibility and convenience of studying online anywhere with an internet connection and anytime that is convenient to the student rather than dictated by a class schedule. When considering an online program, military members should opt for schools offering greater leniency in areas of unpredictable absences, homework delays and unexpected withdrawals. Strayer University will freeze courses for military personnel who are unexpectedly deployed or transferred, and then allow the student to resume coursework when convenient without having to begin at the beginning again. In addition, online colleges that offer 24/7 access and the related ability to view lectures and add to online discussions whenever convenient are better options for active duty military personnel. For veterans, many of whom are returning to school after years away from academia, the top online college choices will include those that allow transfer of credits earned during previous coursework or military training, that offer resources such as tutoring, online advisory support, peer assistance, and writing support, and that offer scholarships specifically to members of the military or veterans. Some of the top choices of degree programs for military members and veterans include nursing, engineering, criminal justice, education, business administration, and the information technologies and computer science fields. These degrees often build on areas of military training that the student has already experienced. include Arizona State University, Norwich University, AIU online, and Saint Leo University.

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Students retain the right to withdraw from their program of study in which they are enrolled, and thus the University, based on the personal preferences and necessities of the individual. When a student makes a decision to formally withdraw from graduate study at Bryant, a student must submit a University Withdrawal form to the Registrar’s Office. This action serves to notify the University of a student’s intention not to register for future courses. The student should also notify the Program Director in writing of their intent to withdraw from the program. At such a time in the future as a student desires to resume graduate coursework at Bryant, a re-application and formal admission process is required.

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You must meet with an Academic Standards Board member. You will be responsible for completing any paperwork he/she provides, and obtaining any necessary signatures. Once these steps are completed, you will receive a “W” (withdrawal) for each of your courses, indicating that you receive no credit for the semester. Your GPA will not be affected. Depending on the circumstances, a “hold” might be placed on your registration. If a hold is in place, you will not be able to resume coursework until you meet with a Board member and, in some cases, provide clinical documentation of your readiness to return to classes. The decision to place a hold on your registration generally depends on how late in the semester you requested the withdrawal, and the severity of your illness.