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The order of your resume categories should reflect the position you are applying for and your level of experience. For a person with years of performance experience, that is the first category an employer would want to read. However, for a performer who has just graduated and does not have much experience, education is the first category an employer would want to read. As you gain experience, you will rearrange your categories and add new listings and delete the older ones.

Quick and Easy Tips About Resume Categories

Resume Categories
If there are no names under a category then there are not currently any listings. Check back often as we are always updating our information.

Resume Categories - Solid Resumes

Create unique resume categories that highlight your relevantskills and experience. Typical sections to include:

They vary from industry to industry, and from position to position. Some resume categories that are standard in one industry might not be the norm in another, so research your field. Plus, because your resume is yours and created by you, its format is not set in stone. For example, if your past experience doesn’t fit an opportunity perfectly, but you have the necessary, transferrable skills to do the job, consider moving your skills towards the top of the page and your experience towards the bottom. Keep a master resume and tailor it to each specific opportunity. Still, try to keep it to one page, especially at the start of your career!