2) Bad and good examples of a resume career objective

If a resume is a minute-long read that prompts an employer to take action, then the resume career objective is a few seconds worth of attention grabbing material that prompts the employer to read the entire resume. Bland, generic objectives, such as “Desire a challenging position that offers career opportunities” is about as compelling as watching grass grow in the desert. You need to write a pithy career objective that specifies what you want out of your career.

3) Rules around resume career objectives

When choosing the message for your resume career objective, you need to walk a fine line between making it so specific that few jobs match it and so general as to be meaningless. For example,

A resume career objective invites the reader in.

The above resume career objective could be better written like this:

If you are changing your career or are an entry-level candidate, a resume career objective is essential because your work history is unlikely to clearly define your career goals. If you are already on the career trail, a resume objective statement sends a very powerful message. It lets hiring managers know that you are already aware of who you are and what you wish to accomplish rather than being yet another person confused about their career path. Here are some quick tips on writing a great resume objective statement.