Highlights - key resume attributes

Our philosophy is that the beliefs, aspirations and long term interests of a candidate need to be in alignment with those of the client company. Such an emphasis on matching personality to culture as opposed to simply matching resume attributes, allows the sourcing of candidates for niche roles in which recruiting criteria is hard to define at the outset. The team applies a unique proprietary 3D recruiting model to tackle the most difficult searches.

Also, if you have unique (and strong) resume attributes, consider including a couple of key points

I am fortunate to have a technical and experience background that has enabled me to understand what ATS parsing software can do, and more importantly, what it cannot do. From my research I have developed an technical understanding of over forty resume attributes that are known to cause parsing problems and why they cause issues. This knowledge has clearly differentiated me from the thousands of people who write resumes for a fee. My services go well beyond just writing resumes.

Resume attributes specification

Fry's factual resume attributes every aspect of the fraud to both himself and Demmitt

If this is not your plan and you do want to work with newer technology, you will need to focus on responsibilities and accomplishments more than language specific resume attributes. Being the sole developer probably included self management and/or project management elements. Also, focus on the positive aspects of your experience and don't get stuck thinking that every company out there would frown on it. Some may, but those aren't the ones you should be focusing on anyway. There are plenty of fish in the sea, and your job prospecting needs to be more focused, researched and detail oriented anyway.