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Along with degrees, include additional relevant training, certifications, seminars, etc. If this information is extensive, you may need to create a separate resume addendum.

Details on Richard’s specific areas of expertise can be found in the resume addendum below:

Resume Addenda
Candidates at the manager level and above can benefit from the resume addendum. The document complements the resume and helps further differentiate you from the competition by offering a more detailed picture of your specializations and accomplishments. The document serves the following purposes:

Resume Addendum Samples - Distinctive Documents


Burke suggests using a resume addendum if you have extensive experience. "Add an addendum containing trial highlights, business deal accomplishments or other noteworthy achievements," she says. "It looks more professional to attach an addendum than to have a three-page resume."

Resume addendums can be helpful in providing additional information that is too detailed to include on the limited real estate of your resume. Once you’ve written yours, decide whether to include it with your resume based on each individual position you’re applying for. You may even want to save it for your interview, when you can offer it to the employer as a leave-behind to give him or her a better insight into your background.Dib cautions that not everyone involved in the hiring process likes resume addenda, and my PhD research bears out that caution. But as long as the employer also has your “story lite” resume, he or she can choose whether or not to review the addendum. Some recruiters in the focus-group research liked the option of being able to obtain additional information from addenda. One participant said, “I like addenda because they don’t get in my way, but if I choose to delve deeper when presenting to a hiring manager, the info is there.”An interviewer might want more detail on a project than your resume can offer and in more detail than you might be prepared to articulate in an interview. Try a resume addendum.The Long Resume - Resume Addendum. Submitted by root on Thu, 08/19/2010 - 22:59 Resume Example 2 · Selected Accomplishments Example · Addendum Example