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It is very essential that you mention your past experiences in your purchasing manager resume. Mention clearly in which company you worked previously and how much was your profits. You can mention that in pounds or dollars. Mention what post was held by you in your previous company and also about your promotions if you had any. If you have successfully done any project, then mention the details about it. The lists of your projects should be mentioned in bullets and you can also highlight them. Do not write in paragraph from as that will take a lot of time for the interviewer to go through. You can give the exact figures of sales and profits and also include the required details.

      Purchasing Manager Resume Example

Purchasing managers are responsible for buying the best quality equipment, goods and services for a company or organisation at the most competitive prices. They work in a wide range of sectors for many different organisations.

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- This purchasing manager resume sample demonstrates Robert's strong purchasing background and solid accomplishments.

This Purchasing manager resume example is about a candidate with great skills and strengths for the job position, as you can see, it's important to detail your job experience.