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Printing work basically is associated with producing printed sources in a form of books, journals, news papers, magazines, pamphlets, posters, albums, writing -pads, visiting cards etc. all theses works are performed in the printing-Press by the experienced technicians.

The ranges from collecting the contents and forming them according to the design of page prepared by the editor. After designing the pages placing the desired contents a film or a negative plate is created to inserted in the highly sophisticated printing machine which starts printing materials in large number just after the approval of the editors.

Entire printing work is handled by the experienced experts. The technical works coming under printing and publishing responsibilities are also recognized as cutting, folding, binding, laminating, embossing, packaging-technology (printing on packaged products) and collecting and creating electronic data.

There are different positions offered in the printing and publishing field like those of Pressman, Press Operator, 2nd Pressman, Printing Press Operator, Offset Pressman, 1st Pressman, Printing Pressman, Press Helper and Feeder.

This page will help our visitors develop a great printing resume to usewhile searching for a job.

As professionals, we have increasingly come to rely on the Internet to search for jobs and on e-mail to apply for them. Because we typically create our resumés and cover letters to fit the electronic format, having an employer request a printed resumé can be a cause for alarm, and if they are carelessly produced, may result in mistakes that show us in a poor light.

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