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IMPORTANT NOTE: What we have provided here is guidance for creating a basic pilot resume, along with a very basic template. Other things you may want to include are a nice photo or headshot if you have one, foreign languages you speak, any impressive references your prospective employer can call, relevant volunteer work (air ambulance work, etc.).

Pilot Resume Writing and Interview Prep

Resume is a document that lists the summary of personal details, work experience, and educational details. It is not simply a document used to provide information, but it is a marketing tool used to get into the job interview process. It puts forth all the information in an appealing and attractive manner, so as to get that attention from the prospective employers. It therefore has to be prepared by employing utmost consideration. It should be an overall reflection of your skill sets, work exposure, and educational qualifications. The below given co-pilot resume example shares some of the effective techniques of preparing a resume that gets results. A well drafted resume is one that only shares vital and key information.

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Therefore, your Pilot Resume / CV and Cover Letter must blow away the Resume Reviewers instantly.

Have you ever seen a person sitting next to the pilot in an airplane? Well, this person is referred to as co-pilot. In order words, he is a qualified professional who is authorized to fly and operate an airplane and one who plays a key role in the airplane crew. The main role of a co-pilot is to assist the pilot in handling emergency situations and substituting the pilot to furnish relief. A co-pilot requires knowledge of flight service procedures and regulations. To become a co-pilot, it is necessary to obtain a certificate in pilot training. A co-pilot also requires the ability of addressing aircraft requirements and handling emergency situations.

Professional pilot requires ability to design a better resume in order to stand out in the pool of candidates. Pilots face strong competition for the job at major airlines that offer improved pay and benefits. Regulations and principles of the organization always require highlighting specific areas related to your skills and qualifications. With the help of these qualifications, you can easily attract potential employer to call you for the interview. Standard functional resume format is not acceptable in this industry because this resume only focuses on detailed work experience.You and I are both Pilots. But I have something special that will give you the edge with your Pilot Resume CV Application and Cover Letter (and more).