Secrets of the Job Hunt: No Pictures on Your Resume

You are going to get different reactions to this topic, but I personally, don’t like to see pictures, especially family pictures on resumes. Why, you ask? Most of the people we hire at The Death Star? I don’t want to see a picture. Have you looked around law school recently? Sitting in front of a […]

Picture This: Using Pictures on Your Resume

It violates the purpose of Equal Opportunity laws to place personal pictures on resumes. Although, this used to be done regularly on academic CV's for professorship positions, etc.. Once you open the can of worms about gender, sex, race, etc., etc. with a picture or by volunteering info, you can be discrimated agasint more easily without recourse. However, you nephew achieved success!

The Visual CV - Enough to Make Me Reconsider Pictures on Resumes..

Pictures on resumes are more common outside the US, but occasionally I have seen them in the States

It's great that he wants to be an artist, but he's still going to have to do those essays. Not only to pass the classes, but to also gain some writing skills that he's going to need later in life. You can't draw pictures on resumes, and he's going to need to be able to communicate with his fellow peers.

Take a look back, and I've been against throwing a picture on a resume. After all, I don't want to see that, and as I've said before, it never seems to be the beautiful people who use their picture on a resume. Can I get a heck yeah?I'll make official here what I always say in my university lectures would be a far more effective action to take in an effort to reduce levels of concrete gender discrimination in Korean society. Simply outlaw required pictures on resumes as a start. There is actually no need for them, other than to encourage people to keep appearance as a standard in the initial round of hiring. Since it's going to come in as a factor when people get to the interview process anyway, why tip the scales towards overt and oppressive levels of gender discrimination?